Nâng câp điều khiển máy mài phẳng

Nâng câp điều khiển máy mài phẳng:

1) 2-5 Axis standard series CNC Grinder controller
2) Support absolute type servo system & linear scale
3) 800×600 8.4 inch real color LCD displayer
4) 2MHz Pulse Output Frequency, Default Pulse equivalent is 1um.
5) High anti-jamming switch power(220VAC -> 24VDC&5V)
6) 128MB Memory , 100Mb user store room
7) With USB interface, for upgrade & copy programs
8) Analog voltage output of 0~10V in two channels, support double spindles
9) Support Position Feedback with linear scale(Differential signal/RS422)
10) Basic I/O: 56X32 ,PLC On-line Display,Monitor & Design
11)Support Linear tool magazine,umbrella,Arm type tool magazine
12) English menu, program and interface, full screen edition
13)Support macro variable dialog box & Running program by input points
14)Built-in screw compensation,Reverse backlash compensation
Application : CNC grinding machinery , CNC flat grinder , and specially automatic equipment

System constructions:

32 bits high performance, low power consumption industrial grade ARM microprocessor.

128MB memory.

100Mb user store room.

640×480 8.4 inch real colour LCD displayer.

Touch screen main and sub panel.

High anti-jamming switch power.

USB movable U disc copy interface.

RS232 interface.

Spindle servo speed control/spindle frequency convertion speed control.

Manual pulse generator.

System technical parameter:

controllable axes:X,Z,C/Y,A,B five axes.

linkage axes:Arc 2-3 axes, liner 2-5 axes.

pulse equivalent:X,Z,C/Y,A,B axes:0.001mm.

max speed:X,Z,C/Y,A,B:60000mm/min.

cutting speed:1-10000mm/min.

min input unit:0.001mm.

program size range:± 99999.999.

99 tools management.

controllable liner vertical type or revolving disc type tool changer.

program code:ISO-840 international standard.

program coordinate system definition:ISO-841.

chassis protection complies with regulation of IP43.

System function:

1.Auto-diagnosis function

All around diagnosis of CPU, storer, LCD, I/O interface, parameter status, coordinates, machining program etc. shall execute when the system starts or resets. In operation, it makes real time diagnosis of power, spindle, limit and all I/O interface.

2. Compensation function

automatic backlash compensation.

tool radius automatic compensation.

tool radius automatic offset and sharp angle transition.

leading screw pitch error automatic compensation.

3 .Abundant instruction system

scaling up/down instruction.

mirror machining instruction.

mutiple tool offset instruction.

program cycle, jump, call and different program ending.

multiple positioning instruction:starting point,setting fixed point,etc.

linera, circular,spiral line interpolation instruction.

program management instructions: program cycle, call, transfer and different program ending method, etc.

6 workpeices coordinates system.