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Dynamic Weighing

Grading, Check-weighing at very high speed.

•Grading/ sorting machines.

•Inline counting weighers.

•Filling, Bagging machines.

•ATE designs solutions offering very high speed, accuracy and functions adapted to the specific requirements of dynamic weighing.

•ATE’s electronics and software are a perfect match for filling, sorting, counting product’s weight applications.

•System design supports for Automate production line, Data logging, easy maintenance & Monitoring.



Powerful System Design

Advanced Controller with built-in High Performance Processor (CPU- Quad core)

FTEX technology inc has developed a seamless integrated solution to connect Honeywell Door-phone IS2500/4500 series to many elevator systems well-known(OTIS, KONE, MISUBISHI…) that provides end-users the best experiences to call elevator for themselves and their visitors.

Powerful Signal Processing Software for High accuracy.

 •Save time to call elevator for all resident – no wasting time in front of the lift

 •Easy to use with soft button and monitor the incoming lift status

 •Make Elevator call to pick up authorized visitors at the lobby

Filtering path:

FTD 310 – Video Door phone Controller FTU 310 – Data Aggregation Unit

FTED 310 – Elevator Controller


System Specifications in details

FTD-310 Video Door-Phone Controller is a part of solution – seamless integration VDP to a lift control that was developed to work well between Honeywell VDP IS 2500/4500 series with many well-known lift systems: OTIS, KRONE, MISHUBISHI and so on.

  • Compact & rugged design for M&E market.
  • Highly stable capability for 24-7/365 operation.
  • Ability to manage many VDP in parallel.
  • Lagre queu zise to prevent.

Details specification

FTU-310 Data Aggregation Unit for FTD310

FTU-310 Data Aggregation Unit support to communicate with many FTD-310 in parallel, process call elevator commands/request from users/resident and response status of the lift coming to the VDP.

FTU-310 was designed to manage larger data throughput with different elevator calling scenarios.

  • user/residents call the lift to pick-up themselves at their current floor.
  • User/residents request lift to pick up an authorized visitor at Ground-lobby, basement levels or shopping.
  • Ability to aggregate and response data up to 10 FTD-310 with 320 Video Door Phones accumulated.
  • Algorithm to avoid duplicated call elevator requests from an user/resident.
  • Strong processing ability to manage enormous requests at the same time without any conflict or missed.
  • Ensure all the request being served in the queue with first come first.

Details specification

FTEU-310 Elevator Controller

FTEU-310 is the far end hardware command/control the elevator system according to the request from users/resident in the meanwhile monitoring current status(level) of the lift to inform on VDP. FTEU-310 is equipped with large bank of dry-contact and digital interfaces to communicate with many kind of elvalor system esigned to manage larger data throughput with different elevator calling scenarios.

  • Easy to control elevator with dry-contacts with fully Isolation
  • Support digital interfaces to communicate & control elevators: IP networking RJ45, industrial Serial
  • Support different protocol: TCP/IP, Serial string data commands, industrial

Details specification

Some pictures and product test videos: